Satisfied Customers

Satisfied customers are a great, honest testament to the reliability and quality of a business, from those who have been in your shoes.

Gooding Construction has been fortunate enough to build quality homes in over 20 different counties throughout Virginia. These satisfied customers range from first-time homeowners to families building the home of their dreams, and from local building officials to a Virginia State Senator.

“The quality of construction and the personal supervision at Gooding Construction Company far exceeded our expectations and we have enjoyed our home a great deal. Please add my name to your list of satisfied customers and feel free to use me as a reference to others.”
Walter A. Stosch, Virginia State Senator

“Glenn Gooding won our trust and confidence by sending us plans that fit our needs exactly. This included a must: the soaker tub for two and a price that we could count on.”

“Visitors comment on what a nice home we have and how well-built it is. My father, who has worked in real estate for over 30 years, was very impressed by the ‘soundness’ of the house. He actually jumped up and down in the kitchen to see if the refrigerator would shake — it didn’t.”

“We were so pleased with the time and effort that each crew put into the job. Even though we know we weren’t the only house Gooding Construction Company was working on at the time, you made us feel as if we were.”

“From the initial meeting to the weekly and sometimes daily updates, everything went as smoothly as we could have ever hoped for. Our home was built sturdy and built to last.”

“We have no difficulty at all recommending Gooding Construction to anyone who is looking for a high-quality, economical home.”

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